Beef & Pork Dinner Pack

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Beef & Pork Dinner Pack

Lonely Lane Farms 7–Pound Dinner Pack Includes:

  • New York Strip Steaks (1 package, 2 steaks / approx. 1 lb.)
  • Bone-In Pork Chops (2 packages, 4 chops / approx. 2 lbs.)
  • Boneless Pork Sirloin or Loin Roast (1 roast / approx. 1.25 lbs.)
  • Beef Sliced for Stir-Fry (1 package / approx. 1 lb.)
  • Extra Lean Ground Beef (2 packages / approx. 2 lbs.)

You and your friends have been preparing for camping and paddling on the Deschutes River since winter’s dark days almost consumed you. Now it’s the end of May, and the river is cranking. You’ve got your ukelele, your kayaks, a couple of catarafts, your camp stove, and some dinged-up pans.

You’ll also want cracked pepper, coarse sea salt, and olive oil, because your cooler full of grass-fed beef and heritage pork is off the hook. It’s gonna be hard for our Beef & Pork Dinner Pack to steal the show from the river, but it will try.

You’ve packed pork-loin-roast sandwiches on crusty baguette for lunch on day one, and then it’s time to break out the camp grill and put on pork chops and spring onions for dinner—just a little bit of cracked pepper, sea salt, and olive oil on each side, and your meat will sing.

As you’re watching the chops get on a nice char and cracking open your second… or third… river-chilled Ultra Gnar Gnar IPA, your neighbors—even though they can’t see you—will wander over with a harmonica and a couple of cans of a super-hoppy brew. The savory, smoky assault of your grill on their senses is just too much to weather alone. Luckily we give you two pounds of chops so there’s plenty to share.

In the morning it’s strip steaks, eggs, and coffee to get your body going. Back on the river, the water is high, and day two brings some stout rapids. Even the in-between stuff will have you on the stick the whole time or you’re getting chundered. After an exhausting afternoon of greasing the big rapids and catching every on-the-fly wave you could find, it’s time to stretch those cooped-up legs at the takeout. Unload the beer-hauler… I mean raft… and crack one open. Luckily you saved some Everybody’s Brewing Country Boy for this.

It’s camp stir-fry tonight.

Throw our grass-fed, grass-finished beef cut for stir-fry in a hot pan and then sear up some padron peppers and onions in the juices. Don’t forget to pour in a little Country Boy to help free those delicious little charred bits. You’ll find it nearly impossible not to devour everything straight out of the pan.

What about the ground beef, you say? You’re going to need some charcoal-grilled burgers loaded with fried onions, sharp cheddar, and pickled jalapeños to give you something to live for until the next paddle. 

About our beef: Our grass-fed, grass-finished beef is raised on our farm in Oregon’s lush Willamette River Valley. We grow all the feed for our cows, and we never use hormones or antibiotics. Why do we say “grass-finished”? Labeling laws changed making it allowable for cows fattened on grain lots to be labeled as grass-fed. At Lonely Lane, our cows are never fattened on hard grains. Throughout their lives they eat forage (whole, green plants). That’s why our beef tastes so good, and why we make sure to let you know it’s both grass-fed and grass-finished.

About our pork: Our heritage pork is raised on the Boschler family farm. The Boschlers have been raising pigs since Joseph and Maria Boschler bought the farm in the 1890s. The pigs are pastured and eat a variety of plants in addition to a grain ration that includes wheat, barley, and rice. Unlike cows and sheep, pigs are omnivores so they need a good source of protein in addition to whole-plant forage.

In addition, all our meat is processed on-site at our USDA-inspected processing facility. It’s rare for a family farm to have the ability to process on site, and it’s something that we’ve worked hard for, ensures the highest quality of our cuts, and allows us to support other small Oregon farmers.